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Apex Custom Orthotics




Apex Custom Orthotics provide your patients with the highest standards in quality, protection and patient care. The orthotics are custom fabricated from a positive model of your patient’s foot to help provide total contact against genuine Plastazote foam to alleviate pressure points and reduce friction.

Apex Custom Orthotics are fabricated and ground specifically for your patient’s. Apex footwear to ensure an ideal fit and maximum compliance. Unlike most competitive products, all styles feature only Genuine Plastazote top covers to ensure that no chemically blown foams can go against your patient’s foot. Available with modifications to meet your patients’ needs, and PDAC Code Verified for A5513 for Medicare’s Therapeutic Shoe Bill*.

*Apex custom orthotics are made by Langer Biomechanics 

  • Free starter kits
  • Free Foamart foot impression foam
  • Free freight to the Apex Custom Lab
  • The fastest turn around time in the industry
  • Orthotics & Footwear labeled with patient’s name for easy distribution


cu40681.jpg cu40668.jpg
Conformable plastazote top cover for continuous protection and comfort. Plastazote X-Firm base is very light-weight, easy to adjust and designed to sit naturally inside the shoe. Conformable Plastazote top cover for continuous protection and comfort. ThermoSKY EVA base is light-weight, durable and fabricated to sit naturally inside the shoe.