(14 reviews)

Women's Lace Walker - V-Last - White/Periwinkle

Apex Women's Lace Walkers with V Last for superior stability qualifies for A5500.
(14 reviews)

Women's Lace Walker - V-Last - White/Periwinkle


Apex Running and Walking footwear are constructed with the most advanced technological features and represent the highest standards in performance and comfort.

  • V-last for superior stability
  • 2 removable layer provide fitting flexibility
  • Mozaic® pressure relief layer for customized comfort
  • Full-grain leather upper for comfort and breathability
  • Qualifies for A5500

About the V Last

V-Last styles are recommended for those who have bunions, arthritis, diabetic feet, plantar fasciitis, or who need arch support, shock removable insoles, high/wide toe box, adjustability, stability,  and X-wide widths.

Women's Lace Walker - V-Last - White/Periwinkle Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

V-last Women's Walker

Posted by Pamela Greenhalgh on 18th Apr 2018

I will wear nothing else. I have gone through so many pairs over the years, I have lost count. I have no pain from plantar fasciitis because of them and I have great stability. I feel like the Energizer Bunny with them!

The best walker/sneakers I've ever had

Posted by Unknown on 20th Jul 2017

When my husband had knee surgery and Apex shoes were recommended to him by the doctor in rehab, he was very pleased with them. Since I wear sneakers at least 80% of the time, I asked the doctor about shoes for me. He checked my feet, how I stood and walked and recommended these and I've been wearing them ever since! I usually buy a new pair every year, using the older pairs for gardening. Wonderful, comfortable, long lasting.

great for orthotic wearers

Posted by Unknown on 9th Nov 2016

this is my third pair of these shoes. I wear them every day and I get 6-7 months from them. the extra deep shoe makes it great for my orthotics; I don't step out of them. I also have a bad ankle and I tend to pronate(roll)my foot outward; these shoes keep me from doing that. they make for a very stable gait. My only wish is that there were more options/colors to pick from.

Apex Lace Walkers

Posted by Unknown on 6th Sep 2016

This is my third pair of the walking shoes. I have all kinds of foot issues. These shoes work the best for me. I get 5 months out of a pair. I know some people say over a year but this shoe is all I wear.
They are very expensive. I do wish they'd have sales or drop their price.

Sturdy shoes

Posted by Unknown on 28th Jun 2016

Excellent foot support. Shoes last a long time. This is my second pair. Comfy. I have severe neuropathy and these shoes help me to walk and support my feet. I have orthotics and these shoes are deep enough for them to wear with comfortably.Highly recommended to anyone with or without foot problems.

great shoes with AFO

Posted by Unknown on 8th Jun 2015

The extra deep depth of this shoe is what I need with an ankle foot brace I need to wear. I can take both insoles out of one and put in the brace and my orthotic and then only take out the top insole in my non braced foot for the orthotic. it works so well. I have not found other shoes that work that well as they don't have enough depth. I will be trying other models/styles.


Posted by Unknown on 11th May 2015

I've had surgery for a shredded plantar fasciitis tendon in my left foot and I also have three hammer toes on both feet. I love to walk and have walked in 6 Philadelphia Half Marathons.....BEFORE I heard about these APEX Walkers, which have opened up a whole new world for me. The deep toe box makes such a difference and the fact that I can use my own arch inserts, means that these walkers are equivalent to "custom made" orthopedic shoes at a much more reasonable cost. How about some color options?


Posted by Unknown on 20th Nov 2014

Excellent support and easy to use custom inserts.Third pair. Would love to have other colors available.

Great Shoes Post Surgery

Posted by Unknown on 31st Oct 2014

This is the second pair of Apex gym shoes since I had major surgery on my right ankle and these shoes have been fantastic.