Do You Wear Orthotics?
The Basis™ Slip-On Was Made For You!

The Basis was developed to extend indoor orthotic wear time to improve foot health!

Basis Slip-On

Price: $49.95

Model: SS100

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  • Simple design and over-sized pull tabs allow for easy donning
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • ½” Removable heel lift
  • Removable foot bed
  • Full toe box
  • Heel counter
  • Highly breathable
  • Rear foot reinforcement for stability
  • Machine washable (Do not machine dry)

Product Description:

Headlining an entirely new category of footwear, the stretchable Basis™ Slip-On can be worn with virtually all foot orthotics and will significantly extend orthotic wear-time leading to optimal foot health outcomes more quickly.

 They’re great for perfect feet. Awesome for feet that hurt. Built to the highest standards that support and protect diabetic feet.

Your "In-the-Home Footwear Alternative"

Don’t wear foot orthotics? The Basis Slip-On is also an ideal house slipper & travel companion. Learn more.

Basis Slip-On Features

Features 1-3
  • 1 Simple design and over-sized pull tabs allow for easy donning
  • 2 Heel counter
  • 3 Highly breathable
Features 4-6
  • 4 Slip-resistant sole
  • 5 Full toe box
  • 6 Rear foot reinforcement for stability
Features 7-9
  • 7 ½” Removable heel lift
  • 8 Removable foot bed
  • 9 Highly breathable fabric to reduce odor and heat as you walk.

Also an Ideal House Slipper & Travel Companion!

This innovative addition to the Apex product line has the added benefit of being the perfect footwear for relaxing around the house, gardening, travel and more. Combining shoe, sock and slipper in one, this sleek, fashionable ‘footwear alternative’ will quickly become your favorite to wear at home and while traveling.

Directions when wearing with Orthotics

Remove included EVA footbed when using with foot orthotics.

Velcro heel lift may also be removed for comfort
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