Many people consider it rude or inappropriate to wear shoes in the home. But does this make sense? When we're out and about, shoes protect and support our feet. Without adequate foot protection, what does that mean for our foot health?

Walking barefoot around the home is better than walking barefoot outdoors, but anyone who experiences foot pain can benefit from better forms of foot protection.

Wearing foot coverings indoors doesn't have to result in dragging in dirt or damaging your floors. Many options are designed, specifically for indoor use, which lessens the likelihood of these occurrences. Read more below about why you should keep your feet safe in the house.

1. Avoid Shin Splints

Have you ever experienced painful shin splints? Shin splints, otherwise known as posterior tibial tendonitis, can happen when you spend too much time walking on hard surfaces (like hardwood floors or tile).

When you're walking, the posterior tibial tendon gives you support. It also helps support the arch of the foot.

On hard surfaces, that arch collapses. While this isn't problematic in the short term, if it's left for long periods of time, it can lead to tearing, swelling, pain, and instability.

It's important to support your arches with footwear and orthotic inserts, in and out of the home, to avoid painful issues like Shin Splints, among others. Finding indoor slippers and house shoes that accommodate custom and prefabricated orthotic inserts can be a great way to give yourself the at-home support you need.

2. Soften Arch Pain

Speaking of your arches, shin splints aren't the only arch-related consequence of unprotected feet indoors.

As we mentioned, when you stand or walk, your arch collapses. This collapse occasionally causes microtears and swelling, but it also puts pressure on the plantar fascia, the ligament connecting your heel to your toes.

Think of it like a rubber band. When you're standing and that arch collapses, it stretches out. If you stretch it too much, you damage the rubber band (or the plantar fascia), and potentially create Plantar Fasciitits.

When you wear supportive shoes that protect your arches and give you a soft place to step, you don't put that added strain on your plantar fascia, and you prevent pain.

3. Protect Your Heels & Bunions

Bunions and bunionettes are hard growths that can form at the base of your toes. There are several potential causes of bunions, but one thing that exacerbates them, much like cracked heels, is walking around barefoot.

When you don't have the arch support that you need, your feet don't tend to move correctly. This improper movement or rotation of your foot while walking is called pronation or overpronation. Pronation is more extreme when you're walking barefoot.

This pronation can make your bunions and cracked heels worse. These issues also get worse and more painful if you're walking around in shoes or foot coverings that are too tight or ill-fitting.

Finding the perfect pair of comfortable indoor shoes is a great way to soothe existing bunions and prevent them from getting worse.

Do You Use Adequate Foot Protection?

While staying barefoot at home is tempting, it's better to have good foot protection if you want to avoid foot pain as you age. Unless you have thick and plush carpets, having adequate foot support at home is essential.

Do you want to protect your feet wherever you go?

Our products are designed by foot health experts to help alleviate a broad spectrum of foot pain and pain-related issues. From bunions to heel pain and everything in between, we know how to support and protect your feet.

Check out our shop to find the perfect shoes, socks, and more to ease your pain today.

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