Foot pain occurs to one in five people. Aching feet can cause your daily activities to be more painful and frustrating.

But when you're dealing with foot pain, how do you know you have a serious problem? What is some foot pain causes that you need to know about?

If you're experiencing foot pain, here are some reasons why that might happen.

1. Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition that is extremely common. On the bottom of your foot is a ligament that runs the length of your entire foot. The pain comes from a tightening or inflammation of this ligament and it becomes difficult to walk.

You often feel pain in your heel in the morning or when you wear certain shoes. When you've tried everything for the pain - switching shoes, stretching, soaking - that's when you should contact your doctor.

2. Flatfeet

Flatfeet is a term used to describe people who do not have an arch in their foot. This can be very painful, and sometimes people are born with flatfeet or they develop them later in life.

One of the best ways to manage flatfeet is to wear specific orthopedic shoes. If you have flatfeet, and you're struggling with walking or with pain, talk to your doctor about which orthopedic shoes are right for you.

3. Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition in which joints become inflamed. While arthritis can strike people later in life, it can occur at any age. When you have arthritis you may start feeling tension or stiffness in your toe, heel, and other parts of your foot.

Arthritis can become debilitating, so if you think you may be developing arthritis in your feet, you'll want to see your doctor right away. They can prescribe you medication or other forms of treatment that can assist you in managing arthritis.

4. Shoes

Believe it or not, not all food pain is related to a foot malfunction. Sometimes it can be as simple as replacing your shoes.

Proper shoe fittings can make a big difference in your foot pain, and also within your entire body. When your feet are properly aligned, your entire body benefits. If you think your shoes might be causing the problem, see your doctor today about what insoles or treatment they might recommend.

5. Bunions

Bunions are bumps on your large toes and may even cause misalignment, causing your big toe to overlap your smaller toes. Wearing shoes that are too tight can contribute to the problem.

These bunions are often very painful and may cause you to limp from discomfort. However, seeing a doctor about ways to relieve the pain, such as shoe fittings, physical therapy, and even surgery if the pain is unmanageable.

Solutions for Your Aching Feet

Aching feet can put a damper on your life when the pain isn't properly diagnosed. Knowing where your foot pain is coming from is important to keep it at bay or eliminate it.

Are you looking for the proper shoes for your foot pain? Visit our website today to see the variety of choices that are both soothing and stylish!

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