Aside from our heart, our feet are probably the hardest working parts of our bodies. Think about it: they have the unenviable job of supporting our entire body weight, they provide a sturdy and stable foundation for the rest of our body and they absorb the shock of our daily activities.

That’s why taking care of your feet and keeping them healthy is important: healthy feet can mean the difference between joining your kids or grandkids for playtime in the back yard and watching them from sidelines because your feet don’t feel well.

Follow our simple guide to foot care to ensure your feet stay in tip-top shape and you can always join in the fun when the moment strikes!

1. Check ‘em out.

When was the last time you took a good look at your feet? Start performing a foot self-exam after you get out of the bath or shower. Check for blisters, discoloration of your toenails, and make sure to peep between your toes for peeling (an indicator of athlete’s foot). This is even more important if you have diabetes. Diabetics have a much higher risk for sores and infections and should be checking their feet every day as a part of their usual routine.

2. Keep ‘em clean.

A recent survey found that just under 50% of people don’t regularly wash their feet in the shower, assuming the soapy water runoff is good enough. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Each time you bathe, take special care to scrub your feet—the tops, bottoms, sides and even in between the toes! Washing you feet daily will help kill the microorganisms and bacteria that can lead to foot odor and other issues.

3. Trim your nails the right way.

We get it, trimming your toenails can be a hassle. They aren’t exactly in a convenient location and sometimes it feels like you have to twist up like a pretzel to reach them.

But as much of a hassle as trimming your nails can be, dealing with ingrown toenails is much worse. To avoid ingrown toenails, cut your nails straight across, not rounding them too dramatically, while avoiding trimming too close to the skin.

4. Let ‘em breathe.

Did you know that each foot has over 250,000 sweat glands? Wearing socks that keep your feet dry and let them breathe will help them stay healthier. A great option is our Copper Cloud socks, which are infused with anti-microbial copper fibers and designed to keep feet dry.

5. Know when to call a professional.

Knowing when to leave the over-the-counter remedies at home and take yourself to see a professional is important. Pain, redness, and swelling isn’t normal. Most issues can be quickly and easily dealt with by a podiatric professional if you go in early, as soon as you start to notice something isn’t quite right. Knowing when to call in the pros can keep a minor problem from becoming a major issue.

Now that you have happy, healthy feet, it's time to put them in a comfy pair of shoes! SHOP NOW

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