Did you know you should visit a podiatrist often? If you have or believe you have diabetes, then the American Diabetes Association recommends visiting your podiatrist at least once a year. Otherwise, you'll want to speak with your podiatrist about how often you should schedule appointments.

Maintaining proper foot health is not only necessary for overall health but for ensuring comfy feet as well. Do you know how to keep your feet healthy? There are a few habits for comfy feet that you should make a priority, such as seeing your podiatrist.

However, there are also a few bad foot habits that you want to avoid. In the guide below, you'll find a list of habits you want to avoid to ensure you maintain healthy feet. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Going Barefoot in Public Showers/Restrooms

You may enjoy taking a shower at the gym after a good workout or showering off in the public restrooms after a day at the beach or water park. Although showering off is sometimes needed, don't do so barefoot. Public restrooms and showers are dark, moist environments ideal for fungus growth.

Barefoot Beach Shower

Protect your feet by wearing water-safe flip-flops or something similar.

2. Wearing Shoes Without Socks

When wearing closed shoes, it's best to always put on a pair of socks. Wearing closed shoes without socks can allow foot fungus to breed within your shoes. As your feet sweat, the shoes become moist and ideal for fungus growth.

The fungus can then continue to live in the shoes and spread to your feet each time you wear them.

3. Wearing Heels Every Day

Some careers require employees to dress formally or in business casual every day. If wearing heels is part of your business attire or everyday attire, then it's time to start reconsidering your wardrobe. Wearing heels on a regular basis can damage the arches in your feet, cause bunions, and create foot pain.

Wear heels occasionally, but switch out your everyday heel with a therapeutic or orthopedic shoe or boot.

4. Failing to Rest Your Feet

Your feet support the weight of your entire body. If you're on your feet for several hours a day, this can lead to foot, ankle, and lower back pain. Be sure to give your feet a rest throughout the day.

Two to three times a day, you should also stop to wiggle your toes and move your feet around.

5. Not Considering Compression Accessories

Compression socks and hosiery are created by foot health experts to alleviate a multitude of foot pain caused by various foot conditions. If you suffer from hammer toes, diabetes, neuropathy, bunions, heel pain, arthritis, or another foot condition, then it's ideal to try wearing compression socks or hosiery to help alleviate some of that pain.

Jeba Compression Socks

Everyone Deserves to Have Comfy Feet

Are you struggling to make your feet comfortable throughout the day? If you don't have comfy feet, then consider dropping some of these bad foot habits. Then, browse through the orthopedic and therapeutic shoes and boots plus compression accessories Apex has to offer.

With the combination of these helpful tips and a good pair of everyday shoes, you'll soon have happy, comfy, and healthy feet!

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