Foot pain is no laughing matter. 13% to 36% of people report experiencing foot pain at any given time.

One reason why foot pain is so common is that there are many types of foot pain. If you encounter ball of foot pain, you have to find unique treatments for it. 

Ball of foot pain

What is the ball of your foot, and what happens with ball of foot pain? What causes ball of foot pain? How can you find ball of foot pain relief?

Answer these questions and you can have pain-free feet in no time. Here is your quick guide.

The Basics of Ball of Foot Pain

The ball of the foot is the padded section of skin and muscle between the toes and the arch of the foot. The ball lies underneath the metatarsal bones, which connect the toes to the foot.

Most people experience aching pain in the balls of their feet. The ball of the foot receives a lot of pressure when a person stands up or walks, so the pain can become significant then. Pain can also shoot into the toes, or it can feel numbing or tearing.


There is no one cause of ball of foot pain. Many people experience it after performing intense physical exercise. Going on a long run or playing a basketball game with a lot of jumping can tear muscles in the ball.

Arthritis and joint pain can also trigger ball of foot problems. Morton's neuroma is a condition that occurs when the tissues around nerves in the foot become compressed. It can create significant pain in the foot, especially if a person has high arches.

Tight shoes can apply pressure to the ball and tear muscles. Shoes with high heels cause a person to walk on their balls, which can lead to extensive pain.

People with flat feet and bunions are more likely to experience ball of foot pain than other people. Overweight people are also at higher risk because body fat can apply pressure onto the balls of their feet.

Remedies for Ball of Foot Pain

Treatment for ball of foot pain is not extensive. You can perform a few ball of foot pain exercises.

You can stretch the area gently. Extend your toes forward and try to press the arch of your foot toward the ground. After you've stretched for a few seconds, you should put your feet up and avoid putting pressure on them.

You should also adjust how you exercise. You should get new shoes with low heels and thick soles. You can get shoes for Morton's neuroma or another foot condition that is causing your pain.

The Essentials of Ball of Foot Pain

The ball of your foot takes a lot of pressure from the rest of your body. It can become aching or dull, with pain radiating throughout your foot.

Pain can come from several different causes. Overexertion can pull on the ball and cause bone problems. Chronic health conditions can wear the bones, muscles, and nerves of the feet down.

But relief is possible. You should talk to your doctor and then perform some stretches.

You should also get a pair of great shoes. Apex Foot provides premium shoes at low prices. Browse our collections today.

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