Shoes designed, specifically, to provide relief to women with diabetes can be difficult to come by. At Apex, we firmly believe that the right footwear can change someone’s life.

Sierra Trail Runners |

We offer a complete line of walkerrunnerboot-style shoes, and orthotic support inserts; all of which using an innovative design to ensure that your feet are protected and comfortable.

Absolute Comfort

Every element of our shoes is designed to provide comfort, support, and protection.

Our shoes are made from soft, stretchy, breathable fabric that conforms to your feet, accommodating additional issues like bunions or hammertoes.

Protection Not Agitation

Shoes should protect your feet. Not hurt them.

Our shoes have wide tongues and ample padding so nothing is pressing into and agitating your feet. Low-cut shoe throats won’t rub against your ankle.

Innovative Design

Your shoes not only impact your feet but also your body.

Our innovative design evenly distributes your weight, providing proper arch support and posture alignment.

Personalized Footwear

Your pain is personal to you.

That is why our shoes are customizable, with adjustable enclosures, varying widths, and removable insoles.

Take Control of Your Foot Pain

Tired of letting your foot pain walk all over you?

Check out our complete line of comfortable women's diabetes shoes today and take back your independence!