Tight on cash but still looking for a gift for a friend, family member or co-worker? Look no further.

We’ve made it easy for you to find the best gift at an affordable price that will bring cheer to those near and dear to you while providing comfort and relief from foot pain.

Keep scrolling to see all the products we’ve included in this gift guide.

Unisex Basis Slip-On Slipper

Close Up of Person Wearing Unisex Basis Slip-on Slipper on Brown Couch

Cost: $56.00 (Available in shoe sizes 4M-14M and 5W-15W)

Review: "I like these slippers, because they feel secure on my feet. That's a concern, because my balance is not what it used to be." - Phyllis C.


The Basis Slip-On is a around-the-home slipper created to relieve foot pain from plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions. It combines arch support and footbed that you can find in our shoes, plus the simplicity of a sock.

Basis Slip-On Features:

  • Simple design and oversized pull tabs allow for easy foot insertion
  • Slip-resistant sole for traction around the home
  • ½” removable heel lift
  • Completely removable footbed to accommodate orthotic inserts and devices
  • Full, roomy toe box
  • Heel counter for stability
  • Highly breathable
  • Machine washable

In addition, its stretchable, breathable fabric and oversized pull-tabs mean it’s as easy to put on as a pair of socks.

A-Wave Orthotic Support Insole

Line Up of Apex A-Wave Orthotic Support InsolesCost: $36.70 (Available in shoe sizes 5.5M-14M and 6.5W-15W. Levels of support include Flex, Firm and X-Firm)

Review: “This was a fortunate addition to my shoe purchase. Don't know why I hadn't purchased these with my shoe orders!” – George A.


The  A-Wave Orthotic Shoe Insert is designed to provide an added layer of support, stability, balance and comfort to your shoes that is customized to your arch height.

Features include:

  • Flex is ideal for medium to high arches
  • Firm is ideal for all arch types
  • XFirm is ideal for low to medium arches
  • Made with a proprietary blend of thermoplastic resins, memory foam, and gels

You can use the A-Wave to quickly and effortlessly transform almost any pair of shoes into a customized, comfortable and supportive pair of shoes.

Copper Cloud Socks

Close Up of Couple Wearing Copper Cloud Socks in Front of Fire

Cost: $31.47-$37.77 (available in sizes SM-XL and two colors)

Review: “These are great! Very comfortable and perfect for my neuropathy.” – Sandra L.


Designed to help promote better circulation and reduce the risk of complications that can arise from diabetes,  Copper Cloud socks are not only a healthier choice for diabetics but a superior choice for everybody.

Features include:

  • Seamless design curbs ulceration
  • Ventilated airflow for temperature control
  • Non-binding for improved circulation
  • Heel and forefoot padding for ultimate comfort
  • Light arch support helps relieve achiness
  • Y-heel and -toe construction for a perfect fit

We’ve infused copper fibers into the yarn that is clinically proven and doctor-recommended for eliminating 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria and fungi.

Jeba Active Cushion Compression Socks Unisex

Jeba Active Cushion Compression Socks Unisex

Cost: $38.80 (available in sizes SM-XL)

Review: “These are the BEST fitting and comfortable support socks I have ever bought. So I got 4 pairs.” – Gary C.


Jeba Active Cushion Socks are designed with extra cushioning in high-pressure areas for comfort and shock absorption. These socks are ideal for casual wear, walking and athletics. Experience the benefits of compression therapy without sacrificing style.

Jeba Features:

  • Non-binding top band keeps the garment comfortably in place
  • Gradient compression from the ankle to the top of the garment
  • Heel pocket with reinforced stitching
  • Ultra-Fresh™ antimicrobial agent for odor control
  • Roomy toe box with a single flat seam to prevent friction

Based on gradient compression technology, Jeba Compression Socks and Hosiery can help improve circulation, reduce swelling/leg fatigue, and mitigate the effects of varicose veins.

Jeba Knee-High Compression Socks Damask Pattern Unisex

Close Up of Person Wearing Jeba on White Background Knee-High Compression Socks Damask Pattern Unisex

Cost: $38.80 (available in sizes SM-XL)


Are you looking to gift knee-high compression socks that don't sacrifice style? Look no further than our  Jeba Knee-High Compression Socks in a damask pattern. These socks provide the same compression therapy technology as our other Jeba compression socks but in a highly versatile and classic design.

Jeba is ideal for:

  • Those who suffer from diabetes
  • Aging and elderly
  • Those with venous diseases
  • Runners and athletes

Based on gradient compression technology, Jeba Compression Socks and Hosiery are designed to strategically apply pressure to the legs so that you receive compression where it’s needed most.

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