When it comes to a shoe that makes a difference from the first step, the Apex Balance Hiking Shoe fits the mold.

Trudging through life on a multitude of terrains, can be hard on your feet. Like most shoes, you especially want support, when you’re faced with obstacles in the great outdoors, but the comfort of a house slipper. Although it’s hard to find both in one product, Apex’s latest addition to their footwear inventory is the active-focused answer.

But what makes the Apex Balance Shoe - Hiker stand out? Let’s dive into an introduction of Apex's new, refined hiking-style shoe..

Apex Balance Shoe - Hiker

Apex Foot Health developed the original Apex Balance Shoe line in 2017. Since then, there has been an outpouring of support for the shoe with alterations.

It made too much sense to continue rolling forward and design a hiker with the same balance-focused features. A more active version of the “Balance” line, which offers all the benefits of a comfortable shoe, coupled with the durability and additional traction the everyday active person needs.

But what makes this a true hiker? Is it the lugged rubber outsole? The high and wide toe box, available in multiple widths?

As far as the specifics, Apex Foot left nothing unanswered.

Benefits & Features

Plain and simple, the Apex Balance Hiking Shoe is designed for the outdoorsman seeking premium support. 

With moisture-wicking polyester, the hiker stays dry on the inside, even when your feet get wet on the outside. Apex went the extra mile inside out. They covered the exterior of the shoe in sueded leather and a mesh upper, for extra breathability to combat feet that are prone to get hot/sweaty.

The shoe itself is secured to your foot with a firm split heel counter and Twin Strap hook-and-loop enclosure, to create a customizable and secure fit, even with AFOs. Without the need to tie laces, the hiking shoe is ready to go in seconds.

Do you know the feeling of a long day of walking and not being able to get your shoe off? Kiss it goodbye, the shoe’s tongue was made for easy access when putting the hiker on and off.

To round out the project, the Apex Balance Shoe - Hiker sits upon a textured, removable footbed that provides excellent sensory feedback and assistance for polyneuropathy.

From the sole up, Apex Foot Health thought of all the simple additions that make a hiking shoe functional and beneficial to the customer.

Redesign Wearing Shoes

Humans have been wearing shoes since 3,500 BC. But just because shoes were created long ago doesn’t mean they don’t need to progress.

A product like the Apex Balance Hiking Shoe redefines the footwear space, as it provides an option for individuals to experience comfort without sacrificing supportive functionality.

The most important part of every shoe is taking care of what’s inside them. Without a strong sole, aggressive traction, and the right support, a active shoe isn’t complete and can lead to serious injury, like falls in the elderly

Give your feet the difference they’ve been missing. Give them the all new Apex Balance Shoe  - Hiker!

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