Feeling pain in your feet and not sure when it started or how to make it go away? The ligament that connects your toes to your heel can take a lot of pressure, but if it begins to wear down you can develop plantar fasciitis due to continuous overuse.

Aiming for plantar fasciitis prevention is a good goal, but you need to be proactive before or at the beginning of when you feel pain. Using these steps can help it go away, but it can come back depending on how good you are about treating it as well.

1. Take Breaks

If you're on your feet a lot, this can lead to more inflammation and plantar fasciitis. If your feet don't have time to rest and heal from use, things can get worse. If you have to be up and moving, make sure you take breaks to get off your feet and stretch.

2. Stretch It

Doing the right stretches is a key part of treating plantar fasciitis. Doing gentle stretches for the ligaments in your feet can help prevent further injury and future injuries. Don't stretch too hard, but enough to feel the slight pull without pain.

3. Shoe Game

If you wear ill-fitting shoes or those that leave you flat-footed most of the day you are more at risk. Preventing plantar fasciitis can start with going through your closet and getting some new shoes with good arch support and even getting custom shoes if necessary.

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4. Interrupt Inflammation

Preventing plantar fasciitis can sometimes be as simple as stopping the inflammation. Taking an anti-inflammatory can work as a treatment, but you may end up needing something stronger if it gets very bad.

5. High to Low Impact

Doing high-impact activities like running and jumping can be one of the causes of plantar fasciitis because of the repetitive motions. Changing your exercises from things like running to walking and swimming can help take some of the pressure off.

Take stock of everything you do to work out and even in a day. Are there activities you could cut out or lessen so your feet can rest more? We do a lot on our feet, so you may not realize ways you're exacerbating already sore and torn ligaments.

6. Treat It

Whether this means wearing a splint at night or icing it every morning, actually taking steps toward plantar fasciitis treatment is important. And even if you are only showing warning signs, starting right away can prevent it from becoming a bigger, more challenging issue.

Plantar Fasciitis Prevention

A lot of these tips may seem like ideas for treating plantar fasciitis but can work plantar fasciitis prevention as well. If you cut down on high-impact activities before you become injured, you're less likely to encounter it and have it get worse.

Plantar fasciitis can cause agony in every step if you aren't careful, so use these tips to keep it at bay and treat it when it's there. And if you found some ideas for helping your plantar fasciitis, find the perfect, safe shoes your feet need today.

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