The average American walks between 1.5 and 2 miles per day. That's a lot of walking!

Of course, with social distancing, there's a lot less. Depending on where you live, you may be subject to curfews, social distancing orders, mask protocols, and more.

However, with all that time spent inside your own house, you may be experiencing some cabin fever! It's time to get outside and safely enjoy nature. With the right shoes, this is easy.

With all that time spent inside, though, your body may be unused to conquering even mildly challenging terrain. If your closet is filled with office wear like heels or loafers, you may be unsuited for hiking trails.

Never fear! The benefits of walking — increased health, longevity, independence, and improved mood — far outweigh a small outlay of money for the right gear.

Whether you love a good hiking boot or prefer running shoes suited to all kinds of terrain, here are some great suggestions.

Finding the Right Shoes

Finding orthopedic and therapeutic shoes and boots are crucial. Caring for your health by using the right equipment can make all the difference between an amazing exercise session.

To zero in on your needs, take the time to ask yourself some questions. Will you be running? Do you prefer walking around your neighborhood? Or is your preferred terrain more difficult trails?

This will help you determine what you're actually looking for.

Ariya Hiking Boots

These were designed by experts to support your feet and care for your needs. Whether you're dealing with diabetes, hammer toe, heel pain, or arthritis, these boots can help.

With a legacy of great support, variable length and width (with sizes ranging from 7 to 15!), these boots are here for you.

Each pair is crafted with a polyurethane outsole. This provides the stability you need, with a padded ankle collar added to the design to avoid uncomfortable rubbing. The insole also features a pressure-relief layer, too.

These boots come in black and brown.

Sierra Trail Runners

Do you prefer to add a little speed to your adventures? That's what these breathable, stable shoes provide.

With peak support and reliable traction, these shoes are also great for everyday walking. With a stable heel counter and a multi-density midsole, this provides the rigidity you need to avoid slipping or twisting your ankle.

The right shoes, along with compression hosiery, can transform your time in the great outdoors.

Compression Hosiery

Sock and foot health accessories can transform your experience. From helping with circulation to providing more support, they can help reduce swelling.

If you're dealing with varicose veins, compression hosiery could be the right answer. Pairing it with supportive shoes can help avoid injuries, especially if you're prone to them.

Balance & Stability Active Shoes

If you're looking to get active, but suffer from instability or balance issues, it can take quite the toll on your mind, body and psyche. 

From simple walks around the neighborhood, to a hike up a nearby trail, stability and balance are key to giving you the confidence you need to get out and get active. 

Well look no further, the experts at Apex Foot Health have developed an active, hiker-style shoe, designed, specifically, to provide stability and reduce the risk of falls. 

The all-new Apex Balance Shoe - Hiker, available in Men's and Women's styles, combines science-based features into a revolutionary hiker-style shoe, that's perfect for, both, the great outdoors and casual, everyday wear. 

Take back your security and confidence in shoes built for multi-terrain social distancing. 

Finding the Right Shoes

Stability, support, comfort. The right shoes or hiking boots provide that while opening up a gateway to adventure.

Whether you live near Yellowstone or just your local park, there's a lot to explore. What birds migrate to your area? What hidden treasures are waiting for you to photograph?

With the right shoes, your feet can take you there. By pairing ankle support with high traction and a comfortable cushion, your shoes are ready. Check out our stock today!

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