We laugh from a young age especially as kids living carefree. The older we get the more serious life becomes.

Our sense of humor isn't always present or we just find it harder to see the funny side. We forget how important it is to have laughter as part of a daily routine.

The overall benefits of laughter are endless. Not only does it improve our mental wellbeing, but laughter also helps us socially and physically too.

But have you ever wondered about the effect laughter has on your whole body?

If you have, keep reading to find out why you should laugh more.

Relieves Stress and Aids Relaxation

When we laugh, our muscles relax and release tension. Any stress you've been holding is instantly reduced just from finding something or someone funny.

Laughter gives us a sense of well-being and heightens our overall mood. Remember, the best part of laughter is it doesn't cost a thing.

Feeling Comfortable in Social Situations

If you find you suffer from anxiety around other people, laughing is one of the most beneficial ways to combat that.

Being around others gives a greater opportunity for laughter than being alone. In groups, laughter naturally connects us to our peers and eases that feeling of anxiety. Seeing our friends laugh makes us laugh too, it's infectious.

Laughter will only strengthen those relationships.

Benefits Mental Health

Mentally, laughter is a great solution to improve our state of mind. Laughter is the best medicine and enables endorphins to flood the brain giving us a more positive outlook.

If you find yourself in a negative state of mind, try watching a comedy. Often, watching a funny show or movie distracts us from our negative feelings and gives us a reason to laugh.

Our mind and body are connected. If your body feels good your mind will too. We see this in the way our moods are affected by the types of food we consume.

Laughter as Exercise

Believe it or not, there are available classes and groups which encourage you to laugh more. If you have a hard time laughing easily or finding the funny side of jokes, why not try Laughing Yoga or researching local groups where the main focus is to inspire laughter.

We've all laughed so hard our stomach hurt which is further proof that laughter is a key aspect of our overall health. It does great things to our muscles, specifically strengthening our core muscles.

Do You Have Enough Laughter in Your Life?

Taking the time to find laughter in every day doesn't cost a thing, nor is it a detriment in any way. Laughter improves our mood, benefits our relationship with others, and lightens our mental load.

Now you have a better understanding of why you should laugh more, take a look through some of our articles to find more lifestyle advice. And remember, if you want to improve your health, there's nothing wrong with introducing a little exercise along with your laughter. To find the best active footwear to fit your needs, check out our shoe sales.

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