Running is a form of cardiovascular exercise that can benefit your body and is easy to do. Running can help you lose weight, increase your stamina, and strengthen your heart. All you need to go for a run is the perfect pair of running shoes.

Heavy shoes can make running more difficult. But, what are the other impacts heavy shoes have on your running? Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of heavy shoes!

How to Determine if a Shoe Is Heavy

As you run, it can be hard to tell if a shoe is weighing your down. Most runners can't tell if a shoe is too heavy when they wear them on their feet. Here are some ways to determine if a shoe is too heavy!

The bigger the shoe, the heavier it will be. Heavier men's shoes will weigh over 10 ounces, and women's shoes will weigh above 9 ounces. Of course, how heavy something feels can vary from person to person.

The best way to tell if one shoe is heavier than the other is by holding them in your hands. If one shoe feels heavier, it probably is!

Another tip is to take the shoes for a test run. If you go for a run and the shoes feel too heavy or uncomfortable, you can always return them and try a different pair.

Downfalls of Heavy Shoes for Running

A heaving running shoe weight can make you run slower. You need more strength to carry the weight of the shoes as you run. Studies have shown that heavier shoes can add precious seconds to your running time.

Heavy shoes won't feel as natural when you run. A natural feeling when you run can help you run faster for longer.

When your legs have to support the weight of your shoes, it can cause fatigue. Fatigue can happen even faster if you already have a heavy step and wear heavy running shoes.

Benefits of Heavy Shoes

While heavy shoes for running are bad if you take part in races, they're perfect for high mileage and trail runs. Heavier shoes will have more cushion. This makes running on rough terrain or for long periods easier.

The cushion in the shoes reduces the impact on your joints as you run. If you have bad joints or are trying to improve your joint health, heavy shoes are the perfect pick.

Heavy shoes will last longer. This is great for people who want a good running shoe, but don't want to buy new ones every year.

Best Shoe Weight for Running

The best shoe for running depends on the type of running you're doing. Racing and speed-focused running should prioritize a lighter shoe. A natural feel and better running form can also come from a lightweight shoe.

Average shoe weights are good for versatile runners. They offer speed and support, plus you only need one shoe for running.

Heavy shoes are perfect for runners who focus on distance over speed. People who need joint protection should also buy heavier shoes for the extra cushion. If you like running over different terrains, heavy shoes are a great option for you too.

Many runners will have one of each shoe type in their closet. Having many pairs of shoes means you'll be ready for any running journey.

Don't Let Heavy Shoes Drag You Down!

Heavy shoes can reduce your running time and make running harder. But, they also provide the cushion and support many people need. No matter how you like to run, finding the perfect shoes can make running even more fun.

Man Running

Apex offers everything from lightweight to heavy shoes. You can find the perfect comfort, fit, and style for your running goals. If you want more advice for finding the right shoe for you or other exercise tips, check out the rest of our blog!

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