Did you know that walking every day can help prolong your life? New studies show that people who averaged 7,000 steps a day over 11 years had an almost 70% less likelihood of dying from various causes.

Walking or running is an excellent way to stay healthy, lose weight, and boost your mental health. What happens when you start having pain when stepping outside in your athletic shoes? You might need a toe spring, which can help individuals dealing with forefoot pain.

Are you still interested? We have put together a complete guide on why a toe spring in running could benefit you, so keep reading for more information!

What Is Toe Spring?

At its core - a toe spring is a shoe design where the forefront is tilted up. You may think of it as elf shoes, but there are some therapeutic benefits to the upward curve of the toes. This shoe design benefits athletes or runners who have difficulty achieving full toe extension.

You can try this out yourself. When you walk or run, your foot should naturally rock from your heel before rolling towards your toes and pushing off. As you go through this motion, you need a certain amount of toe extension, and if you don't, you can have pain, stiffness, or discomfort with traditional running shoes.

Why Would You Need a Toe Spring?

There are two primary reasons you need a toe spring for running shoes, which are:

  • Immobility in your forefoot joints
  • Ankle joint issues
  • Stiff-soled shoes

Many running shoes have transitioned to thicker soles, limiting the forefoot's mobility. As you shift onto the ball of your foot, you may have enough flexibility in your joints, but the shoe is the problem.

Foot pain can affect up to one-third of adults. Here are a few helpful foot-pain remedies you can try out before switching to a toe spring:

  • Stretch
  • Ice
  • Massage
  • Trim calluses
  • Moisturizing cream

Taking care of your feet when you aren't exercising can make a big difference once you hit the trails with your new shoes!

Testing Toe Spring

How can you tell if you have stiff joints or need toe springs in running shoes? There are two main at-home stretches you can do right now that help you determine if you need new footwear with toe spring.

Sit on the ground and try and pull your big toe back towards you. If you are having difficulty, use your fingers and pull them back. If you can reach a bit past 45 degrees, you are in good shape.

Next, stand up and line up your toes against a wall. Get into a lunge position and see if you can bend your knee to the wall. The average range of motion for your ankle in this position is around 20 degrees.

If either of these tests 'fail,' you could benefit from a toe spring. Another reason for toe spring is if you find yourself having more pain and stiffness in your forefoot and ankle after running with stiff soles.

Find Athletic Shoes Today

Do you need new athletic shoes that can adapt to your feet? At Apex, we have professionally designed athletic footwear that provides results. Made with quality materials and designed for different foot and ankle conditions, you can find shoes with a toe spring that can be a game-changer for running and walking.

What are you waiting for? Check out our website today and find your next pair of athletic shoes and sneakers!

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