If you’ve ever worked an eight-hour shift in retail or hospitality, you're probably more familiar with pains from being on your feet all day than you'd like to be.

The first time you experience aching feet, you might be surprised by how exhausting it can be. So how can you reduce your risk?

Here's what you need to know and learn how we can help!

Who's Prone to Suffering From Aching Feet?

Any profession that has you standing for long hours, or walking continuously, is prone to leave your feet aching. This is especially true for retail workers and cashiers who frequently stand in small spaces for hours at a time.

Assembly line workers, healthcare workers, and restaurant workers also suffer from similar problems because they have to stand so much.

The problem isn't a rare one - in fact, over 77% of Americans reported experiencing foot pain.

Factors That Lead to Aching Feet

Some work environments foster foot pain more than others. Common risk factors for aching feet include:

  • Standing in One Spot 
  • Walking More Than Four Hours at a Time

This is often required of many of the professions mentioned above - this is especially true of cashier and line workers who typically have to stay stationary in small areas

Walking on Hard Surfaces

Restaurants and factories often feature hard surfaces, with little to no give. Consequently, the soles of the feet are continually forced into the same position, which, over time, becomes painful.

Unsuitable Footwear

Luckily, you have some control over this risk factor.

Unsupportive shoes that lack appropriate protection or don’t fit right are one of the leading causes for aching feet. Make sure you choose shoes that fit you correctly, so your toes don’t touch the end of your shoes.

Avoid wearing high heels for long periods, as these contribute to many discomforting foot conditions, including hammertoes, bunions, corns and calluses, and nerve and ligament damage.

High heels place immense pressure on the balls of your feet. As such, they're not appropriate workwear for jobs requiring lots of standing or walking.

Reduce the Risks of Aching Feet With the Right Footwear

There are a few ways to keep aching feet at bay. For example, if you have to stand in one spot, soften the floor by putting down a soft mat to stand on.

You should also regularly shift your position and change weight from one foot to the other.

But, the most effective way to keep feet comfy is to purchase and wear feature-rich footwear, packed with plush inners, lower heels, and provide excellent arch support. This works wonders for alleviating much of the typical aches and pains that occur after standing or walking all day.

You should also use supportive insoles like our A-Wave to provide extra support and comfort throughout the day.

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