We’ve talked before about how orthotic shoe inserts can help you fight foot pain, but let’s dig in a little deeper and talk about why every pair of shoes should have a pair of inserts in them.

Why Big Brand Shoes Only Shoot for Average

Let’s get something out of the way right off the bat: no two pairs of feet are the same. They all have unique needs, shapes and sizes, and we all use our feet differently to get around – some folks walk on the outsides of their feet while others may walk in the insides.

And that’s a problem for Big Brand shoe manufacturers.

Here’s why: if you’re a Big Brand shoe manufacturer whose goal is to get your shoes on as many people as possible, then your best bet is to make a shoe that splits the difference and is just average.

Put another way, when you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing no one.

This means that if you need a lot of arch support, for example, your Big Brand shoes likely won’t provide enough. And on the flip side, if you need only a little bit of support, those same shoes will likely provide too much and be uncomfortable.

But should you have to settle for a pair of shoes that are just average? No, you shouldn’t.

How to Turn Average into Excellent

If you’re anything like us, settling for something that’s only average isn’t all that appealing – especially when you can have something better. Fortunately, you can turn an average, run-of-the-mill pair of shoes into a pair of shoes you’ll never want to take off by simply adding a pair of shoe inserts.

Apex offers a comprehensive lineup of orthotic shoe inserts that’s built on over seven decades of experience in the industry. With three different inserts available – each targeted at a specific foot issue so you can tailor your shoes to your needs – we have something for every foot!

  • A-Wave: Available in three levels of support, the A-Wave not only provides additional shock absorption for added comfort, they’re also designed to add a precision level of support to shoes so you can avoid arch pain and plantar fasciitis.
  • SelectFlex Rx™: The SelectFlex is a fully-adjustable insert that allows you to fine-tune the level of support for a truly customized experience

Ready to step into excellence? Shop our shoe inserts now!

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