Are you spending enough time on your feet each day? If you aren't up and moving for four hours a day, then the answer is no.

However, it can be hard to reach this goal. Between dealing with foot issues and having uncomfortable shoes, it can be difficult to spend as much time on your feet as you should.

That's why you need to consider shoes made with the right material: wool.

Wool shoes have many benefits that make standing, walking, and running more comfortable for, both, your feet and your mind. Read on to learn some of the top reasons to buy a pair of wool shoes.

They're Breathable

One of the most important benefits of wearing wool shoes is breathability. This characteristic comes naturally from tiny pockets in the material.

Because of its makeup, wool is able to absorb moisture and then transfer it to the air. This allows shoes to stay dry, whether they become wet from rain, puddles, or sweat.

This is important for two big reasons.

First, the ability to transfer moisture means that woolen materials are naturally odor-resistant. Odor is created by the presence of bacteria. However, most bacteria require moisture to survive, making it harder for wool shoes to give off that normal foot smell.

Second, wool's breathability allows shoes made of the material to regulate temperature.

Wool is naturally a warm material that can help insulate you from the cold. Nevertheless, wool can also help keep your feet cool as well by allowing your warm sweat to transfer away from your feet and evaporate. This means wool doesn't get in the way of your body's natural cooling off process the way other materials do.

They're Comfortable

Another great thing about wool shoes is how comfortable they are.

Unlike shoes made of leather, canvas, rubber, or synthetic materials, wool shoes are made from a material that is naturally soft and comfortable to the touch. This softness can help you feel more comfortable with being on your feet for long walks, which can boost your overall health.

It's important to note that wool shoes aren't completely made of wool. These shoes contain rubber outsoles and lightweight EVA midsoles that provide feet with proper support, adding to the overall comfort of the shoes.

They're Sustainable

Wool shoes don't just make your feet feel good. They can make your conscience feel good too.

That is because wool shoes are sustainable products. The material that makes up most of the shoe is a natural, reoccurring substance. That means that wool is not produced in a lab from non-renewable resources and harvesting the material does not harm the animals it comes from.

Plus, the fact that wool is a natural substance means that wool shoes are much more biodegradable than their synthetic counterparts. So when you buy wool shoes, you don't have to worry about green guilt.

Wool Shoes Are Right for You

No matter what you do or where you go, wool shoes are the right choice for protecting your feet. We are confident that they will leave you feeling comfortable and satisfied.

If you are ready to try wool shoes for yourself, shop Apex Men's & Women's Natural Wool Knits, designed by a team of foot health experts for premium support, complementing the wonderful benefits of wool materials.

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