Introducing the most comfortable healthful and feature-rich diabetic sock ever designed

copper cloud white socks

1   Non-binding welt
2   Moisture-wicking acrylic to keep feet cool and dry
3   Y-heel and toe construction for a perfect fit
4   Heel and forefoot padding
5   Multi-benefit, copper-infused yarn
6   Light arch support
7   Ventilated airflow
8   Seamless construction for maximum protection

" I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. Since I started wearing the Copper Cloud socks, the pain and discomfort has lessened greatly. "

- Jack T. Aragon, Boulder Colorado
  ( 85 years young )

Heavenly Diabetic Socks™ Irresistible Pricing!

copper cloud socks

Provider Return Policy:

Apex will refund product returns and exchanges when processed through the original provider that dispensed the product. Refunds for Apex products do not include freight and shipping.

Providers are responsible for all related documentation, Medicare and insurance compliance, claims and adjustments. Apex is not required to extend the terms and conditions of this policy to patients.


Receive a 10% Discount
on 3 Dozen Pairs or More!



What better way to ensure that your patients get the most out of their diabetic shoes than to send them home with the finest quality diabetic socks? But Copper Cloud socks aren’t just for diabetics. All of your patients will love these exquisitely comfortable socks. Plus the copper in Copper Cloud inhibits bacterial and fungal growth that cause foot odor and it even promotes softer skin!

• Seamless design curbs ulceration
• Moisture-wicking promotes drier feet
• Ventilated airflow for temperature control
• Non-binding for improved circulation
• Copper yarn means antibacterial/antifungal/ anti-odor
  and softer skin
• Heel and forefoot padding for ultimate comfort
• Light arch support helps relieve achiness
• Y-heel and toe construction for perfect fit

Help keep your patients’ feet wound-free, odor-free and feeling great!
• 4 Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
• 3 Styles: Crew Length, Ankle and No Show
• 2 Colors: Black & White


  length-black.png   length-white.png
  Copper Cloud
- Crew length - Black
  Copper Cloud
- Crew length - White
  anklehigh-black.png   anklehigh-white.png
  Copper Cloud
- Ankle High - Black
  Copper Cloud
- Ankle High - White
  noshow-black.png   noshow-white.png
  Copper Cloud
- No Show - Black
  Copper Cloud
- No Show - White