DynaFlange Orthotic Support

DynaFlange Orthotic Support

Model: 82

If you're constantly on the move or standing on your feet, you should experience the DynaFlange® difference. The patented DynaFlange® represents a profoundly new approach to orthotic therapy by dynamically managing motion with every step.


About DynaFlange®

Whether you're an educator, healthcare worker, sales associate, police officer, construction worker, student or busy parent, DynaFlange® will deliver comfort, improve stamina and add spring to your step. If you're constantly on the move or standing on your feet all day, you'll want to feel the DynaFlange® difference.

Recommended for individuals with average arch height, normal foot width and limited foot/gait anomalies. They are also an excellent place to start for those with an immediate need or those looking for an alternative to a custom device.


DynaFlange orthotic supports offer many unique benefits including:

Reduced Impact Forces

Enhanced shock absorption means greater comfort - especially when standing for long periods on hard surfaces.

Dynamic Energy Return

The patented rearfoot flange flexes during heel strike, storing energy that is released during the subsequent phases of gait, efficiently positioning the foot for optimal propulsion. DynaFlange® does the work so you don’t have to!

Postural Efficiency

DynaFlange® orthotic supports improve center of pressure and stability through all phases of the gait cycle which results in improved posture while standing, walking or running.

Additional Details

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Shipping/Returns: Free 5-7 day shipping. Free 30 day return policy.

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