DynaFlange Prefabricated Orthotic Support

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Model: 82

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Soothe, Energize Your Feet!

If you're constantly on the move or standing on your feet, you should experience the DynaFlange® difference.

The patented DynaFlange® represents a profoundly new approach to orthotic therapy by dynamically managing motion with every step. DynaFlange® orthotic supports offer unique benefits that treat many common conditions, including:

  • Arch Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tired Feet


How it works:
Every step you take is a collision between your foot and the ground. DynaFlange® manages, and briefly stores, the energy from those shocks, then returns it to your body each time you lift your heel. Gel inserts only absorb the energy, without returni
Everyone can benefit from DynaFlange:
Whether you're an educator, healthcare worker, sales associate, police officer, construction worker, student or busy parent, DynaFlange® will provide relief, improve stamina and add spring to your step.

The Greatest Advancement in Orthotics in 0 Years

Apex Dynaflange | Figure

Love the Game,
but Hate the Pain?

Even when standing still, gravity is still placing a force on our feet. DynaFlange orthotic supports are always working, whether you are stationary, or in motion.


Allows us to function and move through our day, but it is also the root cause of joint destruction and deformity.

We live dynamic lives and suffer wear and tear from repetitive motion. DynaFlange orthotic supports are a dynamic solution to dynamic problems, decreasing ground reactive forces by 33%, allowing force to work with you, not against you.

Apex Dynaflange | Dynaflange

Improve Performance

Energize your feet with every step.

Everyone Can Benefit From DynaFlange orthotic supports

Whether you're an educator, healthcare worker, sales associate, police officer, construction worker, student or busy parent, DynaFlange orthotic supports will deliver comfort, improve stamina and add spring to your step. If you're constantly on the move or standing on your feet all day, you'll want to feel the DynaFlange orthotic supports difference.

Unique Benefits

The patented DynaFlange orthotic supports represents a profoundly new approach to prefabricated orthotic supports. This device dynamically manages motion with every step. DynaFlange orthotic supports offer many unique benefits including:

Apex Dynaflange | Reduced Impact Forces

Reduced Impact Forces

Enhanced shock absorption means greater comfort - especially when standing for long periods on hard surfaces.

Apex Dynaflange | Dynamic Energy Return

Dynamic Energy Return

The patented rearfoot flange flexes during heel strike, storing energy that is released during the subsequent phases of gait, efficiently positioning the foot for optimal propulsion. DynaFlange orthotic supports does the work so you don’t have to!

Apex Dynaflange | Postural Efficiency

Postural Efficiency

DynaFlange orthotic supports improve center of pressure and stability through all phases of the gait cycle which results in improved posture while standing, walking or running.

Why DynaFlange orthotic supports is Recommended

Healthcare professionals reccomend DynaFlange orthotic supports to treat the following conditions:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Apropulsive Gait
  • Equinus
  • Ankle Instability
  • Pronation & Supination
  • Hip, Knee, and Lower Back Pain

Who Should Wear DynaFlange orthotic supports?

The DynaFlange orthotic supports are ideal for individuals with average arch height, normal foot width and limited foot/gait anomalies. They are also an excellent place to start for those with an immediate need or those looking for an alternative to a custom device. Click here to view our PDF for more information.