Moore Balance Shoe

The first-ever footwear scientifically designed to reduce one’s risk of falling.

Moore Balance Shoe


This footwear exceeds SATRA and Mark II slip-resistant standards for dry, wet and oily surfaces!

  • Combination Lycra® and synthetic leather upper that is both lightweight and supportive
  • Low-profile heel for maximum postural stability
  • High-performance, slip-resistant sole**
  • Firm, supportive midsole
  • Textured insole provides maximum proprioceptive sensory feedback for polyneuropathy due to diabetes and other conditions
  • High heel collar for added support
  • Smooth outer sole plus angled toe for trip avoidance
  • (AFO feature) Firm, adjustable heel counter with convenient Velcro® strap closure
  • (AFO feature) Extended tongue opening for easy AFO or orthosis fit
Moore Balance Shoe - Side View
Moore Balance Shoe - Side Lift View
Moore Balance Shoe - Front Lift View
Moore Balance Shoe - Quarter View

Moore Balance Shoe (MBS)

  • Increased toe spring and smooth outer sole for trip avoidance
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Meets standards for coverage under Medicare's Diabetic Shoe Program

Inside The More Balance Shoe

Diagram of the Moore Balance Shoe