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Your Feet Don't Have To Hurt. Apex Offers Three Prefab Orthotic Products Designed to Provide All-Day Alignment, Arch Support & Comfort.
The Best Alternative to Prescription-Fit or Custom Inserts, Designed Using The Most Innovative Prefabricted Orthotic Technologies.

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Feel the wave of comfort & support beneath your feet.

The Apex A-Wave orthotic assists with pain relief, comfort, and enhanced stability in three durometers - Flex, Firm & XFirm to support your arch type!


The best gels & materials to sooth aching feet!

The most advanced memory foam, thermo-plastic resins and supportive gels on the market for maximum comfort & accommodation

A-Wave Orthotic Support

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A-Wave Three Levels of Support


  • Medium to high arch support
  • Helps with motion control and shock absorption


  • Low, medium, and high arch support
  • Firm cushioning support & stability


  • Low to medium arch support
  • Alleviate pressure from heel and forefoot
  • Helps align joints and spine
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Three Levels of Support

Knowing your arch type helps you select the right orthotics for your feet. Choosing the right orthotics not only reduces and prevents injury and discomfort, but they will provide the personalized comfort, support, motion control and alignment you need from the ground up.


Medium to High

Arch Support

Flex A-Wave delivers medium to high, flexible arch support to help with motion control and shock absorption.

Apex A-wave | Medium to High


Low, Medium & High

Arch Support

Firm A-Wave provides firm cushioning support and stability for low, medium & high arch types. This insole is suitable for all arch types.

Apex A-wave | Low, Medium, & High


Low to Medium

Arch Support

X-Firm A-Wave distributes more aggressive support for low to medium arches to add balance and cushion to alleviate pressure from heel and forefoot, and align joints and spine.

Apex A-wave | Low to Medium

Learn Your Arch Type

You may already know your foot arch type, and whether you have a low, medium or high arch, but if you do not, this guide will help.

Foot Arch Guide

It is helpful to know your arch type when selecting an insole. Your arch type correlates to your gait, and determines pronation, supination or whether your gait is neutral.

A quick way to check your arch type is by doing a wet foot test. Get your foot completely wet, then stand or step on a piece of paper that will show your footprint.

Once you have the outline of your footprint, you can match it to see if your arch type is a low, medium or high profile.

Apex A-wave | Diagram
Apex A-wave | Low Arch

Low Arch:

Low Arch: Feet with a lower arch have a similar outline to this image. Lower arches are associated with feet that are flat, and are more likely to over pronate (foot rolling inward), which require additional support and cushioning for alignment to help prevent the following conditions:

  • Heel spurs, achilles tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel, arch, knee, hip and back pain
  • Instability & imbalance
  • Shin splints
Apex A-wave | Medium Arch

Medium Arch:

Feet with a medium arch have more curvature in their outline, like this image. A medium arch is ideal and more flexible, allowing them to absorb more impact, so they require less firmness and support. They may over pronate (foot rolling inward), which causes strain on muscles, tendons and ligaments, but are also more likely to be neutral.

Apex A-wave | High Arch

High Arch:

Feet with high arches look like this image, sometimes presenting the forefoot and heel as separate in the footprint outline. High arch feet are most likely to be neutral, but people with high arches are also more likely to be Supinators. Supination (foot rolling outward) with high arch feet can lead to the following foot conditions, which is why appropriate medium to high arch support is needed:

  • Foot instability & ankle sprains
  • Foot rigidity
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Calluses
  • Cavus Foot
  • Hammer & claw toes
  • Fat Pad Atrophy
A-wave Benefits & Features


  • Shock Absorption & Reduction.
  • Helps Prevent Calluses.
  • Lateral Knee Pain Relief.
  • Visco elastic polymer in heel and forefoot for shock attenuation
  • Thermoplastic heel and arch support to assist in centering heel
  • Three durometers for different arch types
  • Polyurethane center for durability and energy return
  • Memory foam center for secure fit
  • Moisture wicking top cover helps decrease shear forces
  • Trimable to customize length and fit