Apex Selectflex-RX

The First Ever Adjustable Orthotic

Relieve foot pain while improving performance with SelectFlex Rx™, powered by iFlex® technology. Easily adjust SelectFlex Rx to match your activity level throughout the day. A simple turn of the key dials in optimal comfort, superior performance and improved health.

SelectFlex Rx Orthotic Support

Price: $69.99
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SelectFlex Rx is the "Key" to Fine-Tuning Foot Health  

The Performance Solution Employing patented iFlex technology, SelectFlex Rx makes restoring and enhancing foot health as easy as 1, 2, 3. A simple turn of the key dials in personalized support, optimal comfort, enhanced performance and improved foot health.

How It Works

SelectFlex Rx works like an adjustable, life-like ligament underneath your arch, biomechanically absorbing forces according to the selected comfort zone. Developed and engineered by the leading foot and ankle experts in America, SelectFlex Rx® is the first orthotic to enable personalized comfort.

How to Adjust Your SelectFlex RX

Line up the black arrow on the adjuster key with the white notch in the heel port. Then, insert the adjuster key and rotate to 1, 2, or 3 comfort zone


Apex Selectflex-RX | Moderate Arch Support

For moderate arch support

Apex Selectflex-RX | Next Level Arch Support

For next level arch support

Apex Selectflex-RX | Aggressive Arch Support

For the most aggressive arch support

Why SelectFlex Rx?


  • Achieve pain relief, optimum foot health & comfort
  • Change physical attributes with each adjustment
  • Increase energy return
  • Provide your feet with what they lack anatomically
  • Dial in arch support, comfort & control
  • Reduce & correct pronation
  • Restore alignment of bones and joints in your feet
  • Added performance & motion control with each step

Originally Designed for U.S. Special Forces

Powered by iFlex® technology

iFlex® Technology combines expert knowledge of physics with the most advanced biomechanical science. SelectFlex Rx was originally developed for the U.S. military to provide therapeutic comfort and control under ever-changing stresses on the lower extremities. These medical-grade devices deploy iFlex® technology to deliver instantly-adjustable arch support that suits normal daily activities as well as tactical training and missions that require extra gear and packs that can add as much as 100 pounds of weight. Imagine what SelectFlex Rx can do for you!

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