Foot pain can be a real drag. Whether it's heel pain, plantar fasciitis, or just plain sore feet, foot pain can slow you down and make the day's activities -- no matter how mundane they may be --  feel unbearable. And that's where orthotic shoe inserts can really shine.

We've talked before about all the good things shoe inserts can do, and why you should probably have a pair in your shoes, but which pair should you get?

One option is the DynaFlange Orthotic Support, which has recently been re-engineered to be fit a wider range of shoes and boots. It's made with some pretty advanced technology and even has its own patent. Let's take a look!

How the DynaFlange Works

What sets the DynaFlange apart from all other shoe inserts on the market is the use of a cantilever flange, which is a type of spring. But unlike the kind of coiled spring you may be thinking of, a cantilever flange most closely resembles a diving board, which can flex up and down to both absorb shock and divert the energy from that shock back toward the ground.

It's a revolutionary approach to shoe inserts and it carries a ton of benefits with it:

DynaFlange Orthotic Shoe Insert

1. Interrupts Damaging Forces

When your foot hits the ground, these inserts spread out the impact forces over a bigger area and slows the timing of the impact. Going back to our diving board example, think about the difference between jumping on a diving board and jumping on hard concrete. On the diving board, the force is spread out over a greater distance (the distance the diving board flexes) and time (the amount of time it takes the diving board to flex under your weight), whereas jumping on hard concrete is instantaneous and all of the force is concentrated on your feet.

With the DynaFlange, there's less wear and tear on your feet, which helps them maintain their function and stay healthy.

2. Diverts the "Strike Force"

As you move about and walk in the DynaFlange, your heel pushes down on the flange, decreasing and slowing each heel impact. After the flange compresses, it moves back into place, essentially diverting that strike force back into the ground.

It’s like having a little diving board in the heel of your shoe. It helps lift your heel as you move through your stride.

3. Absorbs Shock

Th cantilever flange absorbs the shock when your foot hits the ground, creating a more energy-efficient gait. It also adapts to your individual posture.

When the foot strikes the ground, the DynaFlange converts the impact forces into energy in the flange. This energy releases when you step forward creating increased support and comfort.

4. Increases Forward Propulsion

Though the DynaFlange absorbs the force of you heel striking the ground, it doesn't just let that force dissipate and go to waste -- it stores the force in the flange, which is then released as you step forward. 

5. Provides Arch Support

Even though the DynaFlange is equipped with a cantilever flange, that's not the only trick it has up it's sleeve. Even if you removed the flanged, the DynaFlange would still function well as an orthotic shoe insert, as it provides extra support and stability.

Get Rid of Sore Feet

Foot pain can have a significant impact on your daily life, and if you're looking for a good solution that's both comfortable and supportive, the DynaFlange just may be your best bet!

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